Rival Star

It had fallen from heaven, the Day Star,
His love of self, his own image did mar.
The Rival Star, called the Son of the Dawn.
He was the signet of true perfection,
He was blessed with a divine complexion. 
Even higher he resolved to climb on
Decided to rise above, through the air
The Rival Star from in his heart declared,
“I will be enthroned on the mount on high 
On the mount of assembly in the north
Ascend past the heights of the stars God called."
But from heaven the Son saw the star fall 
Like a white lightning bolt from the night sky,
Like a meteor colliding with earth.

His pride filled his heart once very tender.
Wisdom corrupted from love of splendor.
Tragic end of his exquisite beauty.
He was arrayed in every precious stone,
Glossy emerald, turquoise, and red ruby.
Before the star was banished from his home.
Cherubim arrayed in satiny sapphire
Walked up and down through the stones of fire.
Blameless, but that was long before Eden, 
Beautiful and wise before the Garden.
The Rival Star was cast down to the ground
A spectacle to all the rulers crowned
The Star imploded in midfall, crashes
Consumed by his own fire, to ashes.

Now another rival star has risen,
Guiding the wise men to the perfect Light.
The Light fulfilling prophetic visions,
Challenging the hold of the silent night.
Now Herod the tyrant king is shaking.
To the angels the shepherds are waking.
He came to fulfill the hopes and the fears,
And prophecies awaited through the years,
There is no more gloom for those in distress,
Beyond the Jordan, by Way of the Sea
The people who once walked in deep darkness
Now dawns a great Light to set them all free.
To us a child is born, a son given.
For us a chance to turn, be forgiven.

In the Light, the night long spent will soon cease 
The Bright and Morning Star we now will see. 
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, He’ll be 
Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.  
He will reign on his Father David’s throne 
And rule over his kingdom with no end. 
His reign he will uphold forevermore. 
Watch sovereign deity to us descend, 
The Light of the World had come to his own 
Every longing soul has come to adore.
The new Adam made manifest now come 
The curse laid in the garden is undone. 
He’ll establish justice and righteousness 
The brilliance of the Son has come to us. 

Among the seven gold laden lampstands
Eyes as fire, over his chest a gold sash
Hair white as snow, Behold The Son of Man!
Skin like bronze, voice like a waterfall’s crash.
Out of his mouth a double-edged sword, 
His face, the brilliance of the son, The Word.
He is the Living One, The First and Last,
Who speaks with the sound of a trumpet blast.
Holding the keys to Hades and to Sheol
To the victorious, obeying soul
From God will receive the Bright Morning Star,
Worthy is the Lamb, giver of new birth
Who bought with blood, each nation near and far
Made them a royal priesthood on the earth.

In the sky, a dragon wore seven crowns
Who swept down a third of the stars by tail.
The first rider’s bow was bent on renown.
War rode like red fire, famine held the scales
And the last horse pale, as Death who rode him.
The Earth’s kings gathered at Armageddon.
At Heaven’s gates stood the fifth stallion white
With his rider, Faithful and True, to fight.
To fight the armies in the final war.
The Morning Stars, locked in confrontation
The two Lions clashed for all creation.
Satan was cast into the lake of fire.
There was no more crying or pain or night,
No need of the sun, The Lord is their Light.

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