The Hummingbird and the Sparrow

A dazzling hummingbird drifts down on a flower,

Wings aflutter as he hovers for nectar.

A sparrow exits her chirping nest,

Winging out not for herself but for 

The hungry mouths that will rarely let her rest.

He leaves as soon as he has had his fill,

Always moving, never content to be still.

She returns with food for her wanting young,

And comforts them until they are content and still.

This sparrow serves even when it is less than fun.

He can go forward, backwards, and hover

Side-to-side, but never to help another.

Finally, she nudges to the edge each chick,

They drop, but then soar, thanks to their mother.

Loving each one, that is her niche.

To all the handsome and haughty out there,

Even flowers are gifted in Solomon’s wear.

And God sees and blesses even the sparrow,

Because He strengthens the weak, where

He also humbles the proud. Just know,

Dazzling hummingbird, who lives for getting more,

There’s more to life than your sweet nectar.

Look and see the mother, doing her best

To humbly serve in the task given her,

 And win praise from their mouths to lay her soul at rest

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