Sound of Waves

By Stephen Ritchie

I can see the next dune before me,
But I can’t see into the distance.
The fog enshrouds us in mystery
So we return to the boats, out of habit,
Like a trance.
Just like before our lives were changed,
We lower the nets,
But a journey like ours, no one forgets.

Even still the sound of waves
Unceasing remind me.
Though the struggle is hard, God’s power is more
Powerful than the tempest.
His love is more vast than the sea.
It’s reassuring, that’s God’s thoughts towards me,
Outnumber the grains of sand on the shore.

The night grows long and cold.
As we wait for the break of day,
It’s only by the stars we find our way.
Feels like the days before we followed,
Those days of old.
The moon shines just enough illuminate
Our empty nets.
I remember back to when He and I first met,
But now, we fish and fish, and wait.

Though the night is long,
The moon gives us proof,
Somewhere, the sun still shines on.
When hope is feeling aloof,
The stars remind me of God’s promise
To our father.
Looking out across the sea,
I remember walking on the water.

Now the fog is lifting,
As the winds are shifting,
And a man is standing by the water,
Waiting on the shore.
“On your right,” he calls out.
And the catch we pull up,
Is more than we could barter for.
“It’s the Lord!” John shouts.
I had my doubts before
But now I know,
Love is standing on the shore.

So when our lives are filled with strife,
And our souls weighed down with hiraeth,
The longing for a home we’ve never been to,
But we still somehow miss,
Hang on to the promise,
Look to the stars,
In this novalunosis,
That one day we will be in His arms
The arms of the Father, in perfect bliss.

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