Triumphant Entry

Triumphant EntryBy Stephen Ritchie He is on a colt, not a stallion,And they are shouting praises, laying palms.Crowds urge the holy king to carry on,While the teachers try to get them to be calm. He is David’s blessed descendantAnd their hero, ready to conquer Rome.At His response, some are left indignant,But Jesus rides to give... Continue Reading →

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The Heart Behind the Title

About a year ago, I began reading through 1 and 2 Samuel. From there I read 1 and 2 Kings, Psalms and 1 and 2 Chronicles. The life and adventures of David, both as a young man and later king, fascinated me more in this read through than ever before. The Psalms read more and... Continue Reading →

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Rival Star

It had fallen from heaven, the Day Star, His love of self, his own image did mar. The Rival Star, called the Son of the Dawn. He was the signet of true perfection, He was blessed with a divine complexion. Even higher he resolved to climb on Decided to rise above, through the air The... Continue Reading →

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Yes, I had some battle training Sure, I have some simple armor And a sword, but still, oh my word, I didn’t know I was being hemmed in, Thrown in with the lions and warriors. Everyday, life is so draining. I’m here on the stadium grounds, Having to fend, fight, for myself No telling if... Continue Reading →

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God, Go With Us

This year, I don’t want to step into anything God is not leading me in. At the beginning of this new year, I’m reminded of a passage that I was first taught in preparation for a mission trip, Exodus 33:12-20: Moses said to the Lord, “You have been telling me, ‘Lead these people,’ but you... Continue Reading →

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Sound of Waves

By Stephen Ritchie I can see the next dune before me,But I can't see into the distance.The fog enshrouds us in mysterySo we return to the boats, out of habit,Like a trance.Just like before our lives were changed,We lower the nets,But a journey like ours, no one forgets. Even still the sound of wavesUnceasing remind... Continue Reading →

The Hummingbird and the Sparrow

A dazzling hummingbird drifts down on a flower, Wings aflutter as he hovers for nectar. A sparrow exits her chirping nest, Winging out not for herself but for  The hungry mouths that will rarely let her rest. He leaves as soon as he has had his fill, Always moving, never content to be still. She... Continue Reading →

Sharing the Secret to the Garden

I wrote a poem titled, “The Secret to the Garden”, in my first semester at Messiah College. When I wrote it, I was learning two lessons that would be very influential to my life and my writing: one, how to write poetry in certain forms,two, and how to be more selfless with my time. Before... Continue Reading →

You Will Be Found

I listen to a lot of musical theatre, and one of my favorite songs that I would listen to during tough times in life has been “You Will Be Found” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. It is the final song in Act I of the show. It has so much meaning in my life... Continue Reading →

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