The Heart Behind the Title

About a year ago, I began reading through 1 and 2 Samuel. From there I read 1 and 2 Kings, Psalms and 1 and 2 Chronicles. The life and adventures of David, both as a young man and later king, fascinated me more in this read through than ever before. The Psalms read more and... Continue Reading →

Rival Star

It had fallen from heaven, the Day Star, His love of self, his own image did mar. The Rival Star, called the Son of the Dawn. He was the signet of true perfection, He was blessed with a divine complexion. Even higher he resolved to climb on Decided to rise above, through the air The... Continue Reading →


Yes, I had some battle training Sure, I have some simple armor And a sword, but still, oh my word, I didn’t know I was being hemmed in, Thrown in with the lions and warriors. Everyday, life is so draining. I’m here on the stadium grounds, Having to fend, fight, for myself No telling if... Continue Reading →


Tonight, gaze into the fire, an orange tentAssembled from lighter fluid, matches,Pizza boxes and some gathered branches.It’s the house where the heat and embers spentThe whole night dancing with some flitting flames.It was a roaring house party that ragedAs long as oxygen remained engagedIn the action, unwilling to be tamed.A fire should serve to illuminate... Continue Reading →

Anthemia: Kingdom of Heroes

Prologue Alder raced hand-in-hand with Sylvia through the dappled sunlight of Sanctuary forest. They had not heard the yelling of pursuing soldiers for several minutes, so Alder began slowing down, even though he knew their peril was far from over. He came to a halt, turning to his wife, about to suppose what they do,... Continue Reading →

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